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Bonding With Your New Kitten

October 15, 2022
Are you adopting a kitten? Congratulations! Kittens are beyond a doubt one of the most adorable things on the planet. One thing that is very important in this early stage, is making sure your little buddy feels loved and safe. That special bond we forge with our pets really needs to be nurtured. A Tumwater, WA vet discusses bonding with little Fluffy below.


The biggest thing is really to just take good care of your miniature furball. Aside from providing good food, fresh litter, proper veterinary care, and a comfy shelter, you’ll also need to provide kitty luxuries, like toys, scratching posts, and furniture. Cats often instinctively get attached to their caregivers, and are very grateful to those who are kind to them. In fact, they see their humans as second parents!


Most people don’t need much convincing when it comes to cuddling kittens. However, did you know that snuggles benefit you both? When you cuddle with your cat, a special hormone is released in both of you. This hormone is called oxytocin, and is associated with feeling loved and safe. The same hormone is released in mothers and babies when they snuggle.


Playing is both fun and beneficial for cats. Little Fluffy is going to be very interested in mastering her lion skills. Kittens are super adorable when they are zipping and zooming around and test driving all those claws and teeth! Provide your little buddy with lots of toys. It’s also important to take time to play with her. Playtime will be both more fun and more challenging for your pint-sized pet if she has a buddy!


Talking to your tiny ball of fur will also help her feel closer to you. Always use a gentle, friendly tone. (Baby talk is optional, though many cats seem to enjoy it.) It doesn’t matter what you say: it’s really the sound of your voice that matters.

Lap Space

Little Fluffy can sleep up to 14 hours a day. (To be fair, there is some justification for this. Feline growth hormones are released during sleep cycles. Growing up is hard work!) Let your little buddy doze off on your lap or in your arms. Please contact us for all of your kitten’s veterinary care needs. As your local Tumwater, WA animal clinic, we love watching baby cats grow into happy, healthy adults.

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