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Doggy Dental Care

July 15, 2021

Dental problems are no fun for us, and they can be equally painful and problematic for our canine pals. Of course, Fido can’t make himself an appointment, and he can’t brush his own teeth. It’s up to you to keep your furry buddy’s choppers clean and healthy. A local Olympia, WA vet lists some ways you can do this in this article.


Brushing is really the best thing you can do to keep your canine pal’s choppers clean. You’ll need to take some time with training. Give your pup time to get used to having his teeth and gums rubbed before bringing a pet toothbrush and toothpaste into the picture. Offering Fido treats, praise, and ear scritches will help sweeten the deal for him.


Hydration is crucial to your four-legged friend’s overall health and well-being. It’s also very important for his dental care. Make sure that Fido always has clean, fresh water available.

Watch For Red Flags

It’s important for you to know the signs of dental issues. These may include drooling; bad breath; tartar buildup; bloody streaks on toys and dishes; and visible swelling. Fido may also eat more slowly if his teeth hurt, and he may chew on one side of his mouth. Your furry buddy may also lose interest in playing, and he may act grumpy or withdrawn. 


While some signs of dental issues can be seen with the naked eye, and/or cause noticeable behavioral changes, others are harder to spot. Have your canine companion’s teeth checked regularly by your vet. You’ll also need to make an appointment if you notice any of the symptoms we listed above.

Doggy Dental Products

There are now many different products available that can help keep your pup’s teeth healthy. These include dental-formula chews, oral rinses, dental flakes, and doggy toothpaste, which you can put on chew toys. 

Chew Toys

Does your pooch enjoy chew toys? If so, he’s in good company. Many pups like gnawing on chew sticks and the like. As it turns out, chewing is actually beneficial for Fido. It keeps his jaws strong and stimulates the flow of saliva, which helps keep his teeth clean. Just be sure to stick with safe, suitable chews. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has dental trouble? Contact us, your local Olympia, WA veterinary clinic, today!

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