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8 Reasons To Celebrate World Lizard Day

August 15, 2021

August 14th is World Lizard Day! We know, it’s not exactly an official holiday, and it’s pretty safe to say the banks will be open. Lizards may not be the most popular pet, but these cute, quirky little guys really are both fun and fascinating. An Olympia, WA vet lists a few reasons to celebrate the lizard in this article.

They’re Quiet

One great thing about reptiles? They don’t make noise! You won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining in the middle of the night.

They Eat Bugs

Wild lizards perform a pretty important service: pest control. (This may be a downside when considering getting one as a pet, but it’s a plus for native ecosystems.)

They’re Fascinating

Lizards have some very unique traits. Some, like the chameleon, change color. Others, such as iguanas, have loads of personality, and can be captivating to watch. 

They’re Incredibly Diverse

There are over 6000 lizard species on the planet, and they are all unique. Some are big, some are small, some are vegetarians, and others are carnivores. They also come in a variety of stunning patterns and colors.

They Can Be Cuddly

To be fair, not all of our reptilian patients are particularly cuddly. However, some lizards really do seem to enjoy hanging out with (or on) their humans. Some are actually quite affectionate in their own way.

They’re Fun

Lizards won’t flop over for belly rubs or chase after a catnip mouse. However, they can be really cute and entertaining to watch. Some get quite animated at dinnertime, while others really like it when their humans carry them around. Some of these tiny dinosaurs even enjoy going for walks on leashes!

No Fur

Do you or your family members suffer from allergies? If so, you’re not alone. Allergies have kept many people from adopting dogs and cats. Reptiles are actually a great choice for anyone who reacts to pet fur. They shed, but not in the same way dogs and cats do.

No Training Needed

Fido can be wonderfully smart and helpful, but he needs lots of training to learn to be a good boy. Cats, on the other hand, usually train us. A pet lizard doesn’t need any petucation, aside from being handled gently.

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for a lizard? Contact us, your Olympia, WA animal clinic, today!

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