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Tips For Adopting A Dog

October 1, 2021

It’s Adopt A Dog Month! Getting a new canine companion is a big deal, one that we definitely count as a major life event. Of course, it’s important to proceed carefully, and make sure you and Fido get off on the right paw. A Tumwater, WA vet offers some doggy adoption advice below.

Think Carefully

Adopting a dog is a huge commitment. You’re making a promise to care for Fido for the rest of his natural life. That could be over a decade of tail wags, walks, and doggy kisses! Make sure you’re ready, willing, and able to commit to that. It’s absolutely heartbreaking when pets get adopted, only to be returned later.

Find The Perfect Pup

Sometimes people only need to take one look at Fido to know that they’ve found their furry bff. In other cases, it can be hard to decide. Don’t just go with the first cute pooch you see. Make sure that you pick a dog that fits with your lifestyle and family. That husky may be absolutely adorable, but a little research will reveal that huskies are very active dogs that need lots of outdoor time and exercise. Someone who isn’t up for a lot of vigorous walks may be better off with a calmer breed, like a pug.

Don’t Overlook The Underdogs

Unfortunately, some pets have a much harder time getting adopted than others. Senior pups, for instance, often have trouble finding forever homes. Black dogs also often take longer to get adopted, as do animalss with medical issues. Don’t automatically pass by that sad pooch nobody wants: he may turn out to be the best pet ever!

Look Ahead

Consider your future plans when choosing your canine pal. Renters may have a few extra concerns, as many landlords won’t take certain breeds and/or large dogs. Are you planning to start a family? Get a pup that will someday make a great playmate and cuddle buddy for kids.

Be Prepared

Fido’s Gotcha Day is a huge deal for both of you. Have all of your furry friend’s requisite doggy supplies, such as bedding, food, dishes, treats, and toys, ready for him. You’ll also want to do some petproofing. Don’t forget to take lots of pics!

Have you recently adopted a dog? Congratulations! Contact us, your Tumwater, WA animal clinic, for all your canine buddy’s veterinary care needs.

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