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​Sugar Glider Care Tips

February 15, 2022

Are you looking for a small pet that is a bit unique? You might want to consider sugar gliders! These guys are really super cute, and lots of fun. A Tumwater, WA veterinarian offers some advice on sugar glider care below.

​Get At Least Two

Sugar gliders are very sociable, and don’t do well when left alone. For that reason, we always advise getting at least two. If you only have one, you’ll need to pay even more attention to them, as otherwise they’ll get very lonely and depressed.

Keep The Habitat Clean

You’ll need to spot clean your gliders’ cage daily, and deep clean it about once a week. Consider splurging on a great cage. Your pets will be happier, and it will make this crucial task easier. (Tip: put a plastic bin beneath the cage. Waste will fall into that, making cleanup a snap.)

Offer Good Food

A proper diet is crucial for all animals, and sugar gliders are no exception. Your cute pets will need a menu that is based on a pretty precise balance of commercial food and fresh produce. While your gliders may love treats, you aren’t doing them any favors by overindulging them with too many proteins, sugars, or insects. These guys have sensitive systems, and nutritional imbalances can cause problems. (Tips: foul odors and/or unkempt fur can be a sign of this.) Ask your vet for specific advice.

Get To Know Your Pet

Sugar gliders make a variety of noises: they may sneeze, hiss, bark, or purr. (They can also bite, though this is usually out of fear or a pain response, and probably won’t hurt much.) Paying lots of attention to your pets will help you learn how to read them.

​Offer Playtime

Gliders are quite playful, and love being out of their cages. Indulge your little buddies’ sense of adventure. Just keep a close eye on them, and make sure that their playground is free of potential hazards.

Take Time To Bond

Your gliders will be much happier if they feel loved and safe. Just don’t expect that bond to form overnight. You’ll want to start as soon as you get your pets. Hold your gliders, play with them, and just let them hang out with (or on) you.

Do you want to learn more about sugar gliders? Contact us, your Tumwater, WA animal clinic, today!

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