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6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

January 15, 2023

Cats are known as being very easy keepers. We all know what Fluffy’s basic care needs are: good food, fresh water, clean litter, and, of course, veterinary care. However, those things alone are not quite enough to put that smug, self-satisfied expression on your kitty’s face. Here, an Olympia, WA vet lists some simple ways to keep your furry pal’s little motor going.

Window Seats

We always recommend keeping cats indoors. However, Fluffy can get bored staring at the same four walls all day. A comfy window seat with a good view can keep your feline buddy occupied for hours! If your kitty stays home alone, turn a radio on for her before you leave.


Did you know that Fluffy shares 95.6 percent of her DNA with tigers? Our feline pals seem to be aware of this, as they clearly see themselves as big cats. And, just like their larger cousins, kitties are natural hunters, and are instinctively inclined to want to, well, attack things. Provide your tiny lion with plenty of toys to ‘hunt.’

Kitty-Friendly Environment

Small touches can go a long way towards making your home a luxury mansion for your cat. Step number one? Make sure that Fluffy has plenty of beds. These don’t have to be fancy: even a folded up blanket in a box or basket will do. Your furball will also appreciate things like window seats, cat towers, and scratching posts. (Full sized kitty enclosures and catwalks are good stretch goals.)

Wellness Care

Fluffy may not be thrilled about coming in to see us, but she will be much healthier with regular care. Exams, vaccines, and parasite control can all help protect your furry buddy from dangerous diseases and parasites. Healthy cats are happy cats!

Little Luxuries

Our feline overlords definitely have a way of wrapping their humans around their paws. Fortunately for us, kitties don’t have expensive taste. Small things like catnip, empty boxes, and clean litterboxes will keep Fluffy purring and content.


Our furry friends are very emotional, and really do get attached to their humans. They actually think of us as their second parents. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy, and spend time with her every day. Life is just better with cats!

As your Olympia, WA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Contact us anytime!

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