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Fluffy's Holiday Plans

December 1, 2021

Season’s Greetings! Do you have big plans for this holiday season? Whether you’re traveling for a huge family get together, or staying close to home for a small gathering with close family and friends, we do hope you have a wonderful holiday. Of course, your feline pal has a few things on her calendar as well. A Tumwater, WA vet lists some of them below.

Attack The Tree

Over the next few weeks, thousands—if not millions—of cats will turn their attention to those pretty trees. Fluffy can’t resist all those shiny, dangling objects! This can be dangerous, as your furry friend could get seriously hurt if she were to topple the tree over. Try to limit the amount of ornaments you put within paw’s reach.

Fun With Boxes

One thing that will never stop being entertaining? Seeing how excited cats get when they spot an empty box! Indulge Fluffy’s oddly adorable box obsession, and give her some shipping boxes. 

Photo Session

We love getting adorable holiday photos of kittens! Take some time to get some super cute snaps of your furry little buddy.

Enjoy Some Presents

Fluffy certainly deserves a few special gifts! Toys are always a hit with these little balls of fur. You can go with something classic, like a catnip mouse or feather toy. Or, try a fun new gadget, like a remote-controlled mouse or mechanical ‘swimming’ fish.


Our feline friends actually do try to help us when they can. Fluffy may give you a helping paw with wrapping gifts, changing sheets, decorating the tree, and/or cooking. She may also thoughtfully help keep your seat or laundry warm.

Have A Treat

Kitties definitely deserve a special snack! You can give your feline overlord some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat. Shredded deli meat may also get Fluffy’s little motor going, as may plain, canned tuna, crabmeat, or salmon. (Tip: make sure there are no bones.) You can also get your furball some store-bought treats. 


Fluffy will take time off from her busy napping and meditation schedule to hang out with you, and maybe curl up in your lap. Purring cats make wonderful snuggle buddies on those chilly winter nights!

Seasons Greetings from all of us here at Olympia Veterinary Hospital, your Tumwater, WA pet clinic. Please contact us for all your cat’s veterinary care needs.

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