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Holidays With Mice

December 14, 2021

Happy Holidays! Have you ever noticed that mice are often featured in holiday decorations and movies? They even pop up in the classic Christmas poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas! We know, most people are more concerned with getting mice out of their homes than in bringing them in. However, these tiny balls of fur can actually make very cute and fun little pets! A local Tumwater, WA vet offers some advice on spending the holidays with mice in this article. 


Has your child been begging for a pet? We generally are pretty adamant against giving pets as gifts. However, if you think your little one is ready for an animal companion, it’s a good idea to start with something small. A mouse certainly fits that bill! It’s important to provide proper care. That means a suitable habitat; clean bedding; a proper diet; and, of course, toys. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


Don’t forget to get your tiny friend a few presents! These guys love to explore little mazes, so things like PVC pipes and cardboard tubes can make great gifts. Your pint-sized pal will also enjoy climbing branches, ladders, and (solid) exercise wheels. Chew toys are also good options. Ask your vet for recommendations. 


There are some really cute ways to include your little buddy in your holiday celebrations. You can find some super-cute mouse-themed ornaments and figurines. If your child already has a pet mouse, get them a storybook that features mice. This can make perfect holiday bedtime reading! Some good options would be Merry Christmas Mouse, The Christmas Mouse, and Mouse’s First Christmas. There are also some really cute seasonal movies that feature mice. The Nutcracker, in which the Rat King plays an important role, is a great choice. Other family-friendly options include Mouse Hunt, An American Tail, The Secret of Nimh, and Buster and Chaucey’s Silent Night. That’s not even counting all the Mickey Mouse movies! 


Mice can take some really adorable pictures. If you are snapping your miniature furball’s photo inside his house, point the camera at a downward angle, to reduce glare. You may also get some great pictures of your pet on a little sleigh or perhaps with a teeny-tiny Santa hat on. Just don’t let your cute buddy eat his props! 

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Tumwater, WA animal clinic, anytime!

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