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Resolutions For Puppies

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! Have you just adopted a puppy? There are few things that are more adorable than baby dogs! Of course, getting a puppy isn’t all tail wags and playtime. Little Fido has a lot of important things on his agenda for 2022! A Tumwater, WA vet lists some of them below.


Dogs grow very fast during that first year. That puts a lot of stress on their bodies, especially with larger breeds. Talk to your vet about little Fido’s diet, and find out if there is anything you should change.

Catch Squirrels

Our canine pals are very playful and curious, which is why they are such fun pets. Fido also has some built-in instinctive behaviors that are holdovers from his wild ancestors … such as a fixation with catching squirrels. Your pooch probably won’t have much luck here, but he’ll have fun trying. Take him to lots of parks and trails!

Sniff Everything

That cute nose is extremely sensitive. Dogs can smell things in incredibly minute amounts, and can pick up lots of information from scents. Let your four-legged pal explore new places this year!

Make Friends

Socialization is absolutely crucial for our canine companions. This has to happen within the first three months of little Fido’s life. Otherwise, he may be wary of new places and faces. Have a puppy party, or consider enrolling your furry pal in doggy day care.

Taste Tests

Puppies are very curious, and they often try to learn about things by, well, smelling them. This can be dangerous! You’ll want to do some puppyproofing, to make your home safe for the little guy. Remove or secure things like small or sharp objects, personal items, wires and cords, plastic bags and ties, chemicals, and medication. Ask your vet for more information.


Fido is very loyal, but he needs lots of training to learn how to be a good boy. In addition to housebreaking and crate training, your furry friend will need to learn important doggy commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come. Start on his training immediately.

Be A Good Boy

Little Fido will stay faithfully by your side this year, and will never stop seeking your love, attention, and approval. Reward the little guy when he’s being good!

Everyone here at Olympia Veterinary Hospital, your Tumwater, WA animal clinic, wishes you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime! 

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